MOGA ACE™ POWER Controller for iPhone and iPod touch Image

The image to the right (download the .PSD file) can be be used to represent simulated gameplay and usage of your app on the MOGA ACE POWER. Please use this image in marketing materials, website, press and other public facing marketing efforts. For a full library of digital images and assets, please download the zip file here. Questions about use can be sent to Please also reference the App Store Marketing Guidelines available here.


Required tools: Adobe Photoshop

To insert your gameplay image in the blank screen area:

    1. Double-click the icon in the “Open to Update Screen” layer (a Smart Object layer).
    2. Open the “Replace Contents to Update Screen” nested layer and place the artwork for your app screen in the window.
    3. Save it and close the window.

Do not alter the locked “Product Image and Shadow” layer. The RGB file can be exported or saved for the web. It can be converted to CMYK color mode and saved in .psd or .tiff format for use in print layouts. If you are using the files for printed materials, you must place a screen image in the file that is of sufficiently high resolution (at least 4x screen resolution). Additional requirements following Apple’s guidelines can be reviewed here.