MOGA controllers transform your Android device into a mobile gaming system with precise, console-style controls.

Welcome to the first state-of-the-art controller designed specifically for mobile devices—MOGA! The original MOGA Pocket controller fits in your pocket, streamlined and portable. The MOGA Pro Controller allows mobile gamers to play with the same familiarity and control schemes that they are used to with their consoles. Both controllers connect via Bluetooth® wireless technology, and feature the controls that mobile gamers and developers demand.

MOGA Pocket Controller

A compact Android controller for gaming on the go

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MOGA Pro Controller

A full-featured, console-style Android controller built for extended play

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MOGA-Enhanced Games

The MOGA Software Development Kit (SDK) provides mobile game developers greater precision, robust control and enhanced display abilities while enabling fast, efficient development of rich new game titles and MOGA enhancement of existing titles.

The original pocket-sized MOGA Controller was released on October 22, 2012 to critical acclaim, and has attracted support from top mobile developers and publishers who want to bring console-like precision and control to their Android phone and tablet-based games. Gameloft, Rockstar, Namco Bandai, SEGA and other acclaimed publishers have developed MOGA Enhanced blockbuster titles such as Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tiki Kart 3D, NFL Pro 2013, The Dark Knight Rises HD, N.O.V.A. 3, Sonic CD, and Jet Set Radio. New game titles, developers and publishers are coming on board each month.

MOGA_Pivot-AppMOGA Pivot App

The MOGA™ Pivot App, available for download from Google Play, is your portal to enhanced mobile gaming, allowing you to:

  • Pair your MOGA Controller to your mobile device.
  • Explore the ever-growing list of MOGA-enhanced games.
  • View, manage, and launch games.

MOGA Pivot App on Google Play

Play MOGA Games on Your TV

Play your favorite MOGA-enhanced games on a larger screen with MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) technology. Simply pair your MOGA Pocket or MOGA Pro controller via Bluetooth® and begin your untethered gaming experience, all while charging your smartphone!

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