Charge your Phone While You Play with MOGA Boost™ Technology
MOGA Boost Technology charges your phone while you play Gaming around town can be taxing on your phone’s battery. We know how important it is to keep your phone charged, so we invented MOGA Boost Technology. With a built-in 1800 mAh internal battery, MOGA HERO POWER makes mobile gaming truly mobile—it charges your phone while you play. So keep your battery topped off, AND Game On. Anywhere.
Console-style gaming MOGA HERO POWER truly takes gaming on the go—with a full set of console style controls like L1/R1 shoulder buttons, L2/R2 shoulder triggers, a D-Pad, and clickable analog sticks, what else could you need? Play games with the controls they were meant to be played with; anywhere.
Slim, portable design Mobile gaming should be mobile. MOGA HERO POWER was designed with mobility in mind—its slim, portable design fits in your pocket or bag while you’re out on the town, perfect for your commute, work breaks, fun at the coffee shop; anywhere you go, MOGA HERO POWER is ready to come with you.
S.M.R.T. Lock™ Technology secures your phone The MOGA Arm™ with S.M.R.T. Lock Technology secures your phone to the MOGA controller, granting peace of mind for gamers on the go. Game On. Anywhere. With confidence.